Archive | April 22, 2007

Must Of Got Lost

Must Of Got Lost
by Jerry Girard
ISBN:  978-1-59872-795-1
Reviewed by:  Gary

This is one great book, if you love the music from the late 70s and early 1980s you will really want to pick this up and read it.

The author mentions alot of wonderful artists like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Kiss ZZ Top, and many, many more.  Reading this book brought back such great memories from a wonderful time in my life. 

The book also tells the story of Mick and the split of his parents where at least he is able to turn to his friends and garage band members for support, like so many of us back in the day.  That time in our lives when friends, girls, and rock and roll were what was the most important things to us rockers.  Our music, concerts and fun and hanging out and listening to music and some of us even trying to be band members ourselves.

The author has a way of writing that will take you back to those days, remembering the great bands, the club life, and the greatest concerts of all time.  I highly recommend this for all those who love the best music from the best years. And for all the rock and roll fans everywhere.

Jerry you rock!