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Rear View Mirror

 Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror
by Cindy Callinsky
ISBN: 978-1-4116-9595-5
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Rear View Mirror is an autobiography by Cindy Callinsky and is a moving and great inspirational account of her life.  The story is told in the first person and the author has a way of drawing you into the accounts of her life.  The story tells one of love lost, the loss of her mother, and of heartbreak.  You will travel cross country and abroad with Cindy.  She describes the story contained within the pages as her perception and her reality.  In the very beginning she states the following:  “This is based on a true story; however, “my” perception is “my” reality.  How I have portrayed my story is how I perceived it after having absorbed things with my senses and then processed them through my way of thinking.  Other parties involved may have perceived things differently due to a different thought process”.

I will have to commend and applaud Cindy on not only her ability to tell her story but in being able to share her life experiences and emotional roller coaster type life.  Of course we all experience a roller coaster type life full of ups and downs, loss of love, loss of family and friends, but Cindy has chose to share hers with us.  I found myself teary eyed in one moment and smiling the next.  Thank you Cindy for sharing your story with me it was a pleasure to read and provide a review.

The book contains some off colored language that may not be suitable for all readers.