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The Chronicles of Virago

Book 1 The Novus

The Chronicles of the Virago

By Michael K. Bialys


ISBN:  1424133653

Reviewed by: Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The stories main character is Makenna, who is your typical 12 year old girl.  The setting is
Pasadena, California.

It all begins when Makenna is approached one evening by three fairies who tell her she is to protect her twin siblings from evil forces.  The fairies arm her with an Armasword which is a powerful mystical weapon.  Upon their visit they also tell her that she is the chosen one, the protector which they call the Virago.  Her twin brother and sister are born with a gift of goodness and Makenna must protect them from evil, this is her quest and so the journey begins.

In this fantasy an earthworm reveals the evil force by name and that name is Sir Seaton.  It is he who will be on his own quest to locate and destroy the twins preventing them from defeating pure evil in the future.  Will Makenna discover Sir Seaton among the many disguises?  Will she fail or prevail? 

This is contemporary fantasy at its finest.  A rich captivating story between good and evil with a picturesque ending where good prevails.  It is both enchanting and a stimulating read for young readers, and offers vivid accounts and memorable characters.  The story will excite your children and spark their imaginations, all while teaching family values.  Your daughters will be cheering for Makenna, and your sons will be captivated and thrilled with the story filled within the pages.

This is a must for children, and highly recommended.  It was a delightful pleasure reviewing this title and look forward to the next in the series.