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The Naming Of The Dead

The Naming of the Dead (An Inspector Rebus)

The Naming Of The Dead

By Ian Rankin

Crime fiction   452 pages

ISBN: 978-0-316-05757-8

Little, Brown and Company

Hachette Book Group

237 Park Ave., New York, NY 10169

Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The setting is Edinburg, Scotland, the year is 2005.  And the story begins as everyone is watching for the upcoming G8 summit.  Reinforcements are called in from all over the country as a few hundred thousand demonstrators have come to protest poverty aimed at the World leaders.  Detective Inspector John Rebus is originally to stay on the sidelines away from the scene, but as luck would have it a routine murder investigation turns up with a clue that throws him right in the middle of things.

Rebus and his partner Clarke are on the case and due to the clues they are turning up believe they may have a serial killer.  All the while tensions are running high between Rebus and Special Branch Commander Steelforth.  The investigation leads to many questions of suicide or murder.  Crime fiction enthusiasts will not want to miss this one.  This is an astounding 5 stars!

Ian Rankin was born in the Kingdom of Fife and graduated from the University of Edinburg.  The first of his Rebus novels, “Knots & Crosses” was published in 1987.  Rankin is the UK’s number one best-selling crime writer and lives in Edinburg with his wife and their two sons. 

Naming of The Dead won the Worldbooks Crime Thriller of the Year Award.  Ian Rankin has developed an intriguing plot that is loaded with twists and turns, and has created some very witty and memorable characters.  Looking for a great read that holds your attention through to the end, that is difficult to put down and is a real page turner, then this is a must read, especially for the crime fiction enthusiasts every where.