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The Battle Lord’s Lady


The Battle Lord’s Lady
by Linda Mooney
Sci-Fi Fantasy
Publish America

The Battle Lord’s Lady is set in the future of three hundred years, mankind is struggling to survive a great collision that has changed the earth forever.  People are living in compounds, battling the elements and mutations.  The people are trying to live each day with the struggles of all the mutations that have developed over the centuries.

Atrilan Ferran is a mutant huntress who was awakened one night to the sounds of screams, she discovers that the cleaners have invaded and are out to slaughter everything and everybody that gets in their way.  Atrilan is a master with a bow and arrow and is able to kill sixteen of the men invading her compound.

The cleaners is headed by Yulen D’Jacques, the battle lord of Alta Novis, and being stunned over the fact they were nearly defeated by a woman, Yulen makes a deal with Atrilan.  The deal between Yulen and Atrilan is if she agrees to teach his men how to be effective with a bow and arrow he will provide safety for her people, Atrilan agrees.

As Yulen and Atrilan travel back to Alta Novis they are attached several times with each attack Atrilan is the one to save them all, before reaching Alta Novis, both Yulen and Atrilan realize their mutual attraction to each other and that they have fallen in love.  Now that they have reached their destination of Alta Novis, both Yulen and Atrilan they will have to prove their love for each other is good and right to both man and mutant.

Will Yulen and Atrilan be able to overcome rejection from man and mutant, or will they form a lasting bond between the two.  Will their love triumph all?  You will need to pick up a copy to find out the rest of the story, and you will not be sorry as this is a well written story with believable characters.  The author has strung an intricate web among the characters, making this an entertaining read.


by pm Terrell
ISBN: 0978563204
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

Ricochet is a compelling all engrossing story that includes murder, terrorism, illegal immigration and espionage all rolled into a powerful engaging story line.  If you are looking for a fast paced story that will have you hooked and glued to each page then look no further, Ricochet will have you turning page after page from the beginning to the end.  The story begins as Shelia and her friend Margaret go shopping at the mall before Shelia starts her academy training for the FBI.  While Shelia and her best friend are at the mall they stop to grab a bite to eat, while standing in line Shelia becomes suspicious of a someone who is acting strangely and then there is an explosion and Shelia is knocked out.  When she awakes she finds herself buried and is short of breath due to the fire from the explosion, as for Margaret she is not as lucky, she is in a coma.

Later a reporter comes to Shelia and she informs her that she will never forget that face, a terrorist amongst us, and a face that she will soon wish she had not seen.  Her talking with the reporter has now put Shelia in more danger and it could mean life or death.  Shelia joins forces with her instructor Steve Moran to piece together the events and to solve the case, but what she finds leads to more questions and unanswered questions, and the trail that may uncover that her parents deaths were no accident.

Where will all this lead Shelia?  Will she find herself involved in another attack?  Will she find the truth behind her parents deaths?  You will have to pick up a copy of Ricochet to find out the answers and you will be glad you did, this is a great story that is highly recommended.  Fans of suspense, mystery and action will be raving about this book.  I look forward to reading more from this highly talented author who is a great storyteller.

This Child Is Mine

This Child Is Mine
by Mildred Colvin
ISBN: 1-59789-501-6

This Child Is Mine is an exceptional story, one that will stay in your mind and thoughts for along time. What would you do if you found that the child you have raised as your own for almost two years isn’t your child? You have loved this child, cared for them, shared the good times, the sickness, and your heart and all your love and caring now what should have been a simple blood test that should have brought comfort and relief brings nothing but confusion and pain. The story involves Beth Murdock and Stevie, her child or whom she thought was hers, now finds herself being confronted with the painful truth that Stevie is not her daughter.

Imagine loving a child and raising them for almost two years to find the bitter truth that your child is not your biological child, that is also happening for Jonathon McDuff, he learns that Lexie isn’t really his daughter. He wants his biological child back and he is struggling with losing the little girl he has raised and known as his.

This Child Is Mine is a breathtaking journey through the lives of all parties involved in such a difficult and tragic situation. This is an engrossing story that will tug at your heart strings and bring a tear to your eye, and is a moving and compelling story, I recommend this story with no hesitation.

Mildred Colvin is the mother of three, and grandmother of two. Mildred Colvin and her husband spent most of their married lives providing a safe home for foster children. “Mildred writes inspirational romance because in them the truth of God’s presence, even in the midst of trouble, can be portrayed. Her desire is to continue writing stories that uplift and encourage.” And I must add that this story is one that should not be missed and surely will be in your thoughts long after the story ends.

Immortal Bonds

Immortal Bonds
by Dawn Scovill

Immortal Bonds is superbly crafted and a compelling story of the supernatural.  Immortal Bonds is the debut novel, and Scovill is a master storyteller.  The story is of an immortal woman Jane, who is forced to leave behind everything she loves to become mortal again; she disappears from her husband’s yacht, later her husband Rand is suspected of killing his wife, but she is not deceased.  This is a great work of fiction that is not to be missed.  Scovill has developed a great plot and story line that makes this a page turner.

Immortal Bonds is fast paced and a guaranteed engaging and credible read.  Highly recommended and I look forward to more from this author.

Zudd No Bargain in Debasement

Zudd No Bargain in Debasement
by Alan Grossberg
ISBN: 978-09779561-4-2

Zudd no bargain in debasement is the story of a high powered executive named Catherine Harlow.  Catherine is young, beautiful, ambitious and is desperate in her desire to achieve freedom.  Catherine is seduced in the penthouse by the owner Harrison Foote III and is seduced in the basement by Harrison Foote’s illegitimate son.  Homer Zudd is Foote’s illegitimate son and the janitor, both he and his father try to use Catherine to meet their personal ends in a catastrophic environmental collapse of New York City.

Alan Grossberg is a native of New York who is now living and traveling in his motorhome with his base being California.  He has traveled through Europe, and has published two previous novels.

Whatever Tomorrow Brings

Whatever Tomorrow Brings
by Lori Wick
The Californians Series
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1945-6
Harvest House Publishers

Whatever Tomorrow Brings is the first in The Californians Series by Lori Wick.  Set in San Francisco in 1871, and is the story of the Donovans and they are beginning to face their lives in a different way as their lives are about to change forever.  Kaitlin is the eldest daughter and she is having to face life in rugged California after a devastating tragedy.

This is a spiritual story full of hope, endurance, strength, innocense and the gift of God’s love.  The title is clear in that we as christians will place our faith and trust in God and follow “Whatever Tomorrow Brings”.

Questions of spirituality, ethics and morals are all presented through detailed plot lines that could be woven into our daily lives as christians.  If you are looking for a story that will grab you and embrace all then this is the story you will not want to miss..  This is an exceptionally well written story with good character development and a story line that will draw you in.  I can highly recommend this one with no hesitation and look forward to the rest in this exceptionally well written series.

Elwood’s Crown

Elwood’s Crown
by Shannon Rumple
ISBN: 978-1-4259-7742-9
Children’s Book
Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

Elwood’s Crown is a delightful children’s picture book in a soft cover that is bilingual and is the first in the series.  This is a story of a carefree frog and lessons learned,  the story is told with bright vibrant colorful illustrations and is told in both English and Spanish all within the same page. The story is for children of all ages, teaching children the concept of taking care of their belongings, the story will engage them all while teaching a lesson.

Elwood’s Crown is a story that you will fall in love with no matter your age, the author writes with skill that will light an imaginative spark within.  This is a series that both you and your children will want to read and the message the story delivers is a positive one.  The story provides an important message about promises, wishes and the taking care of one’s belongings along the way.

The pages are filled with bold and vibrant imaginative illustrations, the art work is superb to ignite the child’s imagination.  I highly recommend this children’s book, both you and your children will enjoy reading this story together time and time again all while delivering a great lesson.

I look forward to all the future books in the series to continue, and will honestly being collecting each one for my grandson Caden to enjoy. This is a wonderful book for all young readers and is highly recommended for the children in your life.