Love Unscripted…

Love Unscripted

Love Unscripted

This book has it all… sweet romance, suspense and heartache; it also has bodyguards, the paparazzi and obsessed fans. There were times I laughed out loud and other times I had tears rolling down my cheeks along with the characters, I also found myself on the edge of my seat as the drama in the characters’ lives unfolded. Tina Reber has managed to do what very few authors are able to do; she has created characters so real that has you feeIing that you know them instantly. I was hooked from the very first page. The author shows you the intimate side of what it is like to be in the spotlight, having no privacy, and being a target of the tabloids and stalkers.

This book is a peek into the life of a famous young movie star whose life has been taken over by paparazzi and screaming fans that chase him relentlessly, his name is Ryan and he is the Hollywood Heart throb new in town. As a result, he meets the one woman in the world who hasn’t seen his movies, read the books and doesn’t care anything about meeting him. Taryn Mitchell is a self-sufficient tavern owner, who like most women, has had her heart broken multiple times; however, she is strong and does not mind being single, she is actually happy being single in lieu of having her heart broken again. The story is warm, funny, heartbreaking, and builds tension and drama throughout. I am anxiously awaiting the next book so I can continue on the journey along with Taryn and Ryan.

Highly recommend this one you will absolutely love it even though it is a long read the author draws you in and keeps you wanting more!

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