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Lethally Blond

Lethally Blond (Bailey Weggins Mysteries)

Lethally Blond
by Kate White
ISBN-13: 978-0446577953
Bailey Weggins Mystery, 336 pages
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Lethally Blond is by Cosmopolitans magazine editor in chief Kate White.  A Bailey Weggins Mystery.

Bailey Weggins is the Buzz gossip magazine reporter, she reports celebrity crimes.  She is asked to hunt down a missing actor by an old friend.  Tom Fain has disappeared and Chris Wickersham and Tom both are on the TV show called Morgue.  But when Tom vanishes without a trace Chris contacts Bailey to help track Tom down.

Bailey and Chris soon learn that Tom has been having an affair with the producers girlfriend and that he has recently withdrawn seven thousand dollars cash.  Bailey turns up a lead which takes her to Tom’s family home in New York.  What she finds is a deceased Tom, now it seems as if the TV show Morgue may be reality TV.  What other disappearances are in store for Bailey from the Morgue?  Will Bailey and Chris’s old flame re-ignite?  What lies ahead for Bailey?  To get the answers to these questions I post you will need to read Lethally Blond, you will not be disappointed.

Kate White has a good plot and the characters are detailed and believable.  White writes with a flare for telling a story that is humorous and entertaining.  This is a superbly crafted read and is a genuine page turner that offers a mix of romance and mystery.