Need You Now

Need You Now: A Novel

Need You Now is another awesome winner from an author who never disappoints his readers. Wall Street is rocked by the discovery that “financial genius” Abe Cushman was running a massive Ponzi scheme. A letter came with the pre-publication version from the author. He is of counsel to the law firm that filed the first class action suit against Madoff. There was some thinking that for such a scheme to go unnoticed there must have been some government involvement. This is the novelization of that conspiracy theory. Immediately, questions need to be answered: who knew he was fraud, why did no on one stop him, and where did the   billions of dollars go?   Patrick Lloyd, a young man who is rising to the top at the world’s largest Swiss bank, is shocked to learn that his ex-girlfriend Lilly could have been a player in Cushman’s fraud. When it seems that some of her nefarious “clients” will stop at nothing to get their share of the missing money, Patrick and Lilly are literally running for their life. The plot is somewhat labyrithine as one might expect. A young investment banker hooks up with the FBI to do some inside sleuthing which might just get them all killed. This story is filled with surprising twists, Wall Street insights, and a great New York “feel,” Need You Now is a book you won’t be able to put down and demands finishing.  Another Grippando great.

A highly recommended read.

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