This section will contain author interviews. (Upcoming)

We have 8 interviews scheduled with the following authors:

1. Don P. Hooper – author of Coomacka Island, pen work: The Story of Spider & Ant | Anansi Jr. and the Mango Truck

2. Kathleen Lamarche – author of The Plot.

3. Gregory M. Kuzma – author of “On the field, from Denver, Colorado…The Blue Knights!”

4. Cheryl Hagedorn – author of Park Ridge A Senior Center Murder

5. Jeanne Gray – author of At The Bus Stop (Published here on 4/25/07 – see link to the interview on the right side of the page)

6. Saskia Walker – author of The Strangeling

7. Rick R Reed – author of IM

8.  Patricia M Terrell – author of Ricochet

We have more planned with no definitive date as of yet, but will be forthcoming very soon.

The above interviews should be available here as well as on the QBR forum / message board sometime later next week.

Thank you,

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