Welcome to Quality Book Reviews, please come in, have a seat, relax and look through our pages.  You will find some of the most beautiful libraries from around the world and some of the most delicate, modern, relaxing and elegant home libraries, all of which are woven into our pages for your enjoyment.  So sit back and relax and enjoy your time and experience with us. During the winter chill what could be better than a hot cup of your favorite beverage and a good book, so why not pull up a chair and grab a nice warm cup of coffee and browse through our reviews, you may find the perfect book for that someone special to enjoy by a warm fire place this winter! You may also purchase those gifts here and amazon will deliver right to your door just in time for any occasion.

Welcome to Quality Book Reviews, please come in, have a seat, relax and look through our pages.  We are sure you will find some interesting and inspirational books that will enlighten and inspire your sense of adventure that a good read can bring into your life.  Reading a good book is both relaxing and inspirational and with each new book you will find a new adventure, and hopefully a satisfying adventure.  A good book to me draws the reader in and lets the imagination run free, where the reader is able to visualize the setting, the characters and the actions taking place and is like watching a movie all within the mind.

Please share with us what you are currently reading and the books you have read and loved.   Also share with our readers what you are planning to read next.   Share your reviews with us and share your love of reading! We welcome all comments, suggestions and reviews.  Please spend some time looking through our site and share the love of reading and adventure.

As you can see from the beautiful libraries from around the world throughout our site, just imagine what new adventures and discoveries you will find within the pages of a good book!  Happy Reading………………


Welcome to Quality Book Reviews on wordpress.com

We are normal everyday people who love to read and give you our insights on what we think about the books that we have read.

We have several pages and sub pages (the sub pages are pages behind the main pages) you will find on the left side of the page links to other sub- pages. For example the main page of “Whats Hot” there is a sub page entitled “Our Reading Wish List” and “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows”, please be sure to check out the sub pages there is some interesting posts and we will continue to update those post regularly.

About page – contains info on QBR and Endorsements

Book Reviews – contains our review

Interviews – contains author interviews (the featured author of the month will take the main Interview page – while the other author interviews will have a seperate page by author name)

FAQ – contains the frequently asked questions we receive as new questions come in this section will be updated.
** Please go to this page – we are conducting a poll on individual preference of reviews: long vs short reviews – we will be posting the results in 30 days. (Thank you in advance for your vote)

Book Club Companion – this section contains previews of upcoming books that are perfect for your reading group, plus rediscover book club favorites, here you will also find more picks for your book club as well as a calendar of monthly suggestions .  So check this section out often to find a wide list of books to add to your book clubs reading list.

Featured Authors – this section will contain the featured author for the month. So each month we will be featuring a different author.

QBR Favs – this section is a listing of my personal favorites (books, authors, etc) and a list of my suggested readings both for pleasure and for reading groups. Here you will find a variety of things, an assortment. (Under Construction)

QBR News/Announcements

QBR Store – a store filled with books by amazon, we are an amazon affiliate, so enjoy shopping directly from our site while supporting Quality Book Reviews. Thank you and happy shopping! ***NEW***

What’s Hot – contains the award nominees for 2007, the New York Times list of bestsellers and then of course there are sub-pages

Upcoming Reviews – contains the future reviews that will be posted to the book review section as soon as they are completed.

Contact Us – contains information on how to contact QBR via email and mailing address with submission guidelines

On the left side of the page please notice below Home we have added a page Sign our Guestbook please be sure to sign our guestbook. Just click on the link and you will be taken to that page, then just hit add.

On the side bar to the right we have added links to authors sites, publishers, Harry Potter, QBR’s other sites, and other interesting links. So be sure to grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and stay awhile and enjoy our reviews and other information.

Thank you,

Quality Book Reviews

** We also appreciate any feedback, suggestions and any comments in order to help serve you better.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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