Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary

A comprehensive resource for healthcare providers and healthcare students allowing us to break the language barrier we face often when trying to converse with Spanish-speaking patients. This is an indispensable resource as the book contains almost all health related terms you will come in contact with during the conversation between you the healthcare provider and the Spanish speaking client.

I highly recommend this book as a necessity for healthcare students and providers. This new edition provides faster and easier access to comprehensive medical terms, technological related medical terms, medical abbreviations; it also provides definitions, translations, tips on pronunciation, signs and symptoms of commonly occurring disorders seen in practice, and practical phrases used in the daily communication with your clients.

You also will receive access to the Point website featuring audio pronunciation glossary with Spanish audio, image bank, and appendices formatted as PDFs.
I think this dictionary is excellent! It is the most comprehensive medical Spanish dictionary I have found. It is an Excellent Tool for Translations. I have also noted the hospital Spanish interpreters using this book in their daily routine contact with Spanish speaking patients.

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