I love all of L…

I love all of Laura Lippman’s books and was excited to get another great read from the author.  In this book she explores childhood friendships and childhood secrets. The story goes back and forth from the late 70’s to current time. The story takes place in the woods around Dickeyville, a suburb inside of Baltimore, MD. They story is a tale of five children, Gwen, Mickey and the Halloran brothers, Sean, Tim and Gordon (aka Go-Go), they spend their summers exploring, far exceeding the boundaries of their parents’ permission to remain within the outskirts of the wilderness. The unity of five, Go-Go (Gordon) the youngest, following the older kids. What is so interesting is that she writes from her past childhood, making the story more believable. The characters are well developed.  The story continues around a night filled with tragedy from a hurricane, the children often visited a cottage where lives a man with his prize possession a guitar, the children come to know him and share their stories. The story goes on to find that Gordon (Go-Go) has died from an accident or suicide in automobile accident thirty two years later, and the others are reunited at this sad time. Gordon’s past is filled with secrets, learning of his out of control ways and learning that he was the bad boy out of the three Halloran brothers. The story moves along in a steady pace and we then find that the others are surrounded by the loss of Gordon (Go-Go) and we find out that he has hidden the most worrisome of all the secrets of the group. The author does a great job in describing how the secrets have passed from generation to generation.  Lippman has a gift in providing insight into how our past can come back to remind us that our previous ways in childhood can resurface and haunt us in our adulthood.

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