Our Reading Wish List



Our Wish List includes:  **(If a title has a line marking it off the list it either means we decided against the title or that we have received that title.)

1.  The Prayer Chest by Joel Fotinos (Publisher Doubleday)

2.  The Innocent Man by John Grisham (Publisher Doubleday)

3.  The Night Ferry by Michael Robotham (Publisher Doubleday)

4.  Dexter In The Dark by Jeff Lindsay (Publisher Doubleday)

5.  The Exception by Christian Jungersen (Doubleday)

6.  The Good & Evil Serpent by James H. Charlesworth (Doubleday)

7. What The Dead Know by Laura Lippman (Publisher William Morrow)

8. When Day Breaks by Mary Jane Clark (William Morrow)

9.  A Nail Through the Heart by Timothy Hallinan (William Morrow)

10. The Intruders by Michael Marshall (William Morrow)

11.  Seduced by Madness by Carol Pogash (William Morrow)

12.  Soul Watcher by Michael White (William Morrow)

13.  Ilario: The Stone Golem by Mary Gentle (William Morrow)

14.  Death and the Devil by Frank Schatzing (William Morrow)

15.  Beyond The Body Farm by Jefferson Bass (William Morrow)

16.  Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardottir (William Morrow)

17.  Cat Deck the Halls by Shirley Rousseau Murphy (William Morrow)

18.  How to Be Heard in Heaven by Eddie Smith (Bethany House)

19.  Forty to Life by Dave Jackson (Bethany House)

20.  What’s in the Bible for Couples (Bethany House)

21.  Dark Angels by Karleen Koen (Three Rivers Press)

22.  More Smoothies for Life by Daniella Chace (Three Rivers Press)

23.  Stealing Love by Mary A. Fischer (Three Rivers Press)

24.  A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans (Crown)

25.  The Backyard Bartender by Nicole Aloni (Crown)

26.  The Water’s Lovely by Ruth Rendell (Crown)

27.  The 6th Nanny by James Patterson (Hatchette Book Group)

28.  The Quickie by James Patterson (Hatchette Book Group)

29.  The Monsters by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler (Hatchette Book Group)

30.  The Wheel of Darkness by Preston & Child (Hatchette Book Group) **********************************************************************************



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