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The Lost Throne

The Lost Throne is one of international adventure that begins with soldiers who are slaughtering a group of monks in present day, the characters are created in such a way that leaves the reader wanting to gain a better insight into the backgrounds of the characters. The monks are being killed by medieval soldiers, after this section we are then transported back in time to a man who is dying all alone in Italy. The man is speaking in many languages as he dies and his words are transcribed by the police, his words hold the secret to the mystery that the novel has been centered around and leaves the reader needing to continue page after page. I devoured this book in 2 days and have to say I am a fan, this is the first that I have read from Chris Kuzneski and he has left me yearning to read more of his works.

The pages are filled with adventures and lost treasures for those who love the thrill of treasure seeking plots lines and are filled with intrigue. The Lost Throne is a new thriller from novelist Chris Kuzneski and includes the characters D.J. Jones and Jonathon Payne, who were in some of his past books. These men are experienced ex special-ops soldiers who are retired but still maintain their contacts and work freelance. D.J. Jones and Jonathon Payne are both interesting characters with different specialties and personalities. The author then introduces us to more various characters such as an Interpol director, an attractive Ph.D. student, and a mysterious monk The Lost Throne is an international thriller which takes us to the United States, then to Russia and finally to Greece.

I highly recommend this book for the adventurers and those who love treasure hunts, you will find yourself devouring this thriller page by page unable to lay it down, enjoy, it is a fast paced and very well written novel.