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The Lost Throne

The Lost Throne is one of international adventure that begins with soldiers who are slaughtering a group of monks in present day, the characters are created in such a way that leaves the reader wanting to gain a better insight into the backgrounds of the characters. The monks are being killed by medieval soldiers, after this section we are then transported back in time to a man who is dying all alone in Italy. The man is speaking in many languages as he dies and his words are transcribed by the police, his words hold the secret to the mystery that the novel has been centered around and leaves the reader needing to continue page after page. I devoured this book in 2 days and have to say I am a fan, this is the first that I have read from Chris Kuzneski and he has left me yearning to read more of his works.

The pages are filled with adventures and lost treasures for those who love the thrill of treasure seeking plots lines and are filled with intrigue. The Lost Throne is a new thriller from novelist Chris Kuzneski and includes the characters D.J. Jones and Jonathon Payne, who were in some of his past books. These men are experienced ex special-ops soldiers who are retired but still maintain their contacts and work freelance. D.J. Jones and Jonathon Payne are both interesting characters with different specialties and personalities. The author then introduces us to more various characters such as an Interpol director, an attractive Ph.D. student, and a mysterious monk The Lost Throne is an international thriller which takes us to the United States, then to Russia and finally to Greece.

I highly recommend this book for the adventurers and those who love treasure hunts, you will find yourself devouring this thriller page by page unable to lay it down, enjoy, it is a fast paced and very well written novel.

Prime Time

Prime Time a Charlotte McNally series, by Boston television reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan; she has penned a wonderful absorbing mystery. The story begins with a couple of spam e-mail messages from someone she did not know. Charlie ignored them, and deleted them quickly. A few days later, however, a local newspaper headlined an article about a whistle-blower revealing a pending lawsuit involving a very large sum of money being stolen by officers of a pharmaceutical company. The article goes on to say that an accountant was found dead in an automobile accident – or was it suicide? Charlie recognized the name of the company and the accountant. She remembered seeing the accountant’s name, Bradley Forman, somewhere. But where? Was he the person who had sent her the spam e-mails? Enlisting the aid of her producer, Franklin, they hacked her computer to locate the deleted messages. They still don’t make any sense, but with Charlie being the reporter that she is, she sees a story.
Prime Time is a fast-paced, enjoyable, well written and plotted mystery and Charlie McNally is an appealing lead character. The story she and Franklin pursue lead them to deciphering a code in the message, but not before another man is killed (another automobile “accident”?) and the life of a third threatened. The reader will be as determined as Charlie to unravel this mystery and will be hard pressed to put this book down. The characters are well written and believable and bring the reader into the story, Angela is Charlie’s superior at the station, and she is half Charlie’s age. The author brings humor in the story especially as we read the interactions between the reporter with all of her years of experience and then the young producer whose concern is on the ratings. This is a great debut to the series, and I can’t wait to read the next in the series. This is a fascinating read and I highly recommend, this would also bring much joy as a great Christmas gift.

Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy

Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy
by Martine Groeneveld

My daughter is in love with this book, she is carrying her 2nd child and so excited by this book and cannot wait to use with the new little one.

The author takes us through and tells us about the role that positive touch plays in her family.  She did research and searched for books on the subject of combining touch with play, the only thing she was able to find was on infant and child massage. This led her to the decision to write her own book on combining touch with play. There are four sections which include rhymes, games, songs and stories while each section involves reciting or playing with your child and gives instructions for the accompanying positive touches for each of the activities.  The author explains that there are benefits to using the combination and include that the activities stimulate the brains development and improves the cognitive performance. The ending includes research studies which support the theory that touch is beneficial to children.

This truly is a fun book that will strengthen the parent-child bond all while promoting healthy child development through stimulating activities. “Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy” is definitely a creative work and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has little one’s at home, is pregnant, or has a pregnancy planned.  This would also make a great gift to give at a baby shower; the mother to be would be thanking you for this great little gem!

Mesmerizing Christmas Story!


A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas

By: Ralph Covert, G. Riley Mills, Wilson Swain

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Ralph Covert and G. Reilly Mills have penned a remarkable tale of adventure, heroism and a very creative read that your child will adore.  They’ve also crafted a beautiful, mystical method to explain exactly how toys become toys before ending up in Santa’s big red bag; your child’s eyes will light up. After reading this to my grandson, he said “read it again, please”.  He had me read it to him 4 times before giving it a rest for the night, after reading; he flipped through the pages till time for bed.  A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas is an instant holiday favorite and is a classic to be cherished.

Wilson Swain’s illustrations fill each page, which will mesmerize your child and have them dreaming of A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas.  This little treasure is a must for all parents and grandparents. M

A Beautiful work of art to feast your eyes on

Venezia: Food and Dreams

Venezia: Food and Dreams.  While Venezia contains a number of uniquely delicious recipes, it cannot be called cookbook but perhaps more appropriately referred to as a work of art. It is among the most beautiful books I’ve seen with a flower and food decorating the cover which is so inviting it also comes with a black velvet ribbon bookmark.

The dedication page reads, “For Venice – may you stand strong and beautiful forever.” The full-color,page filled photographs by Manos Charzikonstantis are spectacular. I absolutely love this beautiful work of art! The pages are beautiful works and this is a book to treasure as well as dream about.  Now I want to go to Venice!

A children’s delightful tale

How Noah Knew What To Do
Author: Karen Moore
Illustrations by Pete Kerston

How Noah Knew What To Do is a wonderfully written children’s book by Karen Moore with bright vivid colorful illustrations by Pete Kerston. It is the story of Noah, which is easily understandable, as well as sensible biblical life lesson geared for toddlers and younger children. The story is written in rhyme which my grandson absolutely loved, it is also an easy ready. This children’s book can be enjoyed by the entire family, or may be enjoyed from the younger child that is reading on their own. Between the rhyming of words and the beautiful illustrations your child will be delighted with this one.

Murder, Mayhem and a fine man

Title: Murder, Mayhem and a fine man
Author: Claudia Mair Burney
ISBN: 1-4165-5194-8
Publisher: Howard Books
Reviewed by: Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews

This book was a great find from the beginning. I found the writing to be both exciting and eventful. From one page to the next I was involved completely in the storyline. Dr. Amanda “Bell” Brown–psychologist –is very intelligent and a strong willed black woman who is both a Christian and red blooded American woman with desires and needs. Bell is introduced to “The perfect man”, of all places at a crime scene–she and detective “Jazz” are immediately attracted to each other. Throughout the story they are fighting their own demons and the attraction between them.
This story is both enticing and informative. I would recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a good book. Book 2 also sounds inviting, Can’t wait to read it and see what else Bell and Jazz can get into.