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Quality Book Reviews

Future Syndicate

Future Syndicate

Edited by: J Alan Erwine

Nomadic Delirium Press, Denver, CO

ISBN:  1-4196-5459-4

Reviewed by: Terry South for Quality Book Reviews (03/07)

Future Syndicate is a collection of eight stories about how crime in the future may be.

The collection contains the following:

“An Ingenious Adventure” by Jason Sizemore

“The Gallows on the Garden Path” by Bret Tallman

“One to Spare” by Jason Andrew

“Running Down on a Thousand” by Rebecca SW Bates

“A Torturous Wrong Turn” by J Alan Erwine

“Cell” by Lavie Tidhar

“Mina’s Kiss” by Bruce Horner

“Face Dances” by Rebecca m Senese

Future Syndicate is an anthology and begins with “An Ingenious Adventure” by Jason Sizemore.  In the story Garwin Hayes is a flash genius, he can remember information at a glance, and however he is not very bright or smart.  Garwin and his friends attend a Chez Cola parade when one of the employees with Chez Cola shows up to destroy the secret recipe to the cola.  In the mist of the scuffle the recipe flies through the air to land at Garwin’s feet and he picks it up and with him a flash genius he gets a glimpse of the recipe, everyone knows that he remembers things in a flash, so now the pursuit begins.  Garwin and his friends try to escape but end up being chased, this is a highly entertaining story you will not want to miss.

“The Gallows on the Garden Path” by Bret Tallman is a tale of revenge.  A family of brutal criminals known as The Cray’s, & with a character named Wallace “Pants” Zybisco, they set off to pull a heist to punish the man who had Cray’s surrogate father killed. 

“One to Spare” by Jason Andrew involves a character named Race, she is a motorcycle courier.  Through this short story takes you on a motorcycle chase as Race tries to deliver her package.

“Running Down on a Thousand” by Rebecca S.W. Bates is also about a courier.  A time traveler or prophecy courier who delivers hallucinogenic payloads to provide the receiver with a message. 

“A Torturous Wrong Turn” by J Alan Erwine  This short story is about a smuggler who is caught and the government that has captured him wants his information. 

“Cell” by Lavie Tidhar   Monk is taken throughout the prison searching for relics and signs of an ancient civilization.

“Mina’s Kiss” by Bruce Horner   This short story is based on Kovit Correto who is a professional assassin that reads the minds and memories of those he kills. 

“Face Dances” by Rebecca M. Sense is the final story.  This short has a character named Nick who is a burglar that can change his faces.  Nick is offered a job due to his unique skill, and this job is one that he cannot refuse.  For this job he is assigned a partner, Casey and she has the same gift as Nick.

I normally do not read short stories, but I did enjoy all of the stories above, they were a change from the norm for me and was a delightful change.