Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine, Awakening Your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health and Energy
By Norman Shealy, M. D. PH. D. & Dawson Church, PH. D.
ISBN: 0-9710888-8-8 $24.95
Elite Books, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Reviewed by: Terry South for Reader Views

Both intelligent and intriguing
5 stars

Soul Medicine conveys that a vibrant spiritual connection is essential to wellness. The author’s contend that there is a spiritual connection which is established in the consciousness and through intention which they state can alter the bodies’ energy field. You will find these principles described in the book as well as many scientific studies that demonstrate the power of consciousness to heal.

Norman Shealy, M.D., PH. D. is a neurosurgeon and is the founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association. And Dawson Church, PH. D., is currently researching Quantum Medicine, which is the exploration of the newest studies on the effects of the consciousness on DNA.

The entire book is so intriguing and engaging, but I will have to say that my favorite chapter is Chapter 10 entitled “Your Personal Soul Connection Inventory”. The author’s state that “a healthy relationship with your soul, and using soul medicine as primary care, is the best thing you can do for your body”. In this chapter they list characteristics which they have found to be common to people with a vibrant soul connection. The characteristics include all the following: forgiveness, tolerance, serenity, faith, reason, hope, motivation, consistency, community, joy, gratitude, and love, all of which are explained in detail. You will also find within this chapter that they include a soul connection inventory of 50 items in which you add up your own personalized score and interpret your own results.

Being a nurse, I know that stress affects the body, the more stress a person endures and has in their life, they eventually begin to adapt, thereby reducing our threshold for new stress is lowered which eventually causes a cascading effect on us. Stress plays a major role in disease, all of which is explained within Soul Medicine. The holistic approach to medicine is on the rise in our nation and Soul Medicine brings to our attention the issues of consciousness and intention.

The authors explain that your consciousness holds the key to our own well being, and that even small shifts in energy and awareness can produce major shifts in our health. They continue on and include a look at the history of faith healers, and trace the factors that were and are common to healings they term as “miraculous healings”.

Soul Medicine is intelligent and engaging, and I found it difficult to put down. A very highly recommended read for anyone who is interested in their health and well-being.