The Sacred Bones

A Novel

The Sacred Bones
By Michael Byrnes
ISBN:  0061146072
$24.95 – Hardcover – 304 pages
Harper Collins Publishers
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Sacred Bones is set at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  An ancient artifact is stolen from a vault beneath the Temple Mount.  The theft has left many soldiers and policemen dead, leaving the Palestinians angry; tensions run high between the Israelis and the Palestinians.Charlotte Hennesey, an American forensic scientist has been hired by the Vatican to examine the ossuary which contains the bones of an unknown man who was crucified.  Charlotte is joined by Giovanni Bersei, an Italian anthropologist and together they uncover forensic and genetic data that lead them to wonder if the bones could be those of Jesus. 

As Charlotte and Giovanni become closer to solving the true identity of the man in which these bones once belonged, the Vatican’s security begins to have a much greater watchful eye on her.  Are the bones discovered those of Jesus?  Will the Vatican allow the information on the discovering or keep the secrets hidden?  With her identifying the man these bones once belonged to, will Charlotte be silenced?

Byrnes has penned a superbly crafted debut novel that tantalizes with a sense of drama and of suspense as the story races forward.  It is evident that he has done a great deal of research which combines historical fact and protreptic fiction.  Byrnes novel is powerful and opens an emotional vein in you leaving you with the desire to read through to the end. 

Michael Byrnes currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.  Byrnes attended Montclair State University in NJ and earned his undergraduate degree in marketing, and later his graduate degree in business administration at Rutgers.  The Sacred Bones is his debut novel.

This was one explosive and thrilling 5 star read and one genuine page-turner to the very end. 


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Quality Book Reviews

Carved In Bone

Carved In Bone

by Jefferson Bass

The author Jefferson Bass is a writing team of Jon Jefferson a journalist and Dr. Bill Bass, a forensic anthropologist who founded the Body Farm in Knoxville, TN.

The character Dr. Bill Brockton is a forensic anthropologist, he is recovering from the death of his wife. Dr. Brockton is called upon by Sheriff Tom Kitchings to accompany him to a cave in the Appalachian Mountains, where he stumbles across a mummified body. Dr. Brockton’s investigation is unwelcome among the residents, he encounters many obsticles from both the medical examiner and the sheriff.

The book contains vast forensic detail; crime fiction fans this is a must read.

The book offers excellent characters and offers a great plot, a real page turner, you won’t be able to put this book down.

Flesh And Bone

Flesh and Bone
by Jefferson Bass
Reviewed by: Terry South (Quality Book Reviews)

Dr. Bill Bass, is the legendary forensic anthropologist who founded the University of Tennessee’s Body Farm, the world’s first laboratory devoted to the study of human body decomp. Dr. Bass has once again teamed up with his writing partner, journalist Jon Jefferson (pseudonym: Jefferson Bass) for another thrilling suspense.

When a man is found hung from a tree, it is up to Dr. Bill Brockton to discover who this unfortunate man is and why he was so brutally murdered. Dr. Brockton and the Chattanooga medical examiner Jessamine Carter are thrown together to work on this case. Dr. Brockton, a widower and Carter who is divorced become romantically involved. Jess Carter is found murdered and of course Dr. Bill Brockton is the one who discovers her body, becoming the prime suspect in her murder. Dr. Brockton now has to use his own skills to prove his innocence before he is sent to jail, where some of the men he helped convict are housed.

“Flesh And Bone” is a great novel that offers romance, mystery and forensic science. The plot is intriguing, the characters are believable, and it brims with terrific forensic detail, solid science and a lovable protagonist. The team of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson have created another great novel in the series, (this is the second in the series, the first was “Carved In Bone”) and there are plans to continue the series. So the fans of this genre you need to be sure and add the writing team known as Jefferson Bass to your list.

This is a must read.