Tips on the AANP FNP Certification Exam

Upon entering the testing site they will give you paper and pen and you can make notes before beginning the exam.  I have attached a list of what notes I placed onto the paper before beginning the exam.

These are the notes I jotted down before taking exam:

Medication suffix:
ACEI – pril
ARB – sartan
BB – lol
CCB – pine/mil

Lymph – viral
Neuts – bacterial
Poly & Lymph – (close together – viral, far apart – bacterial)
Eocin – allergic or parasite

Iron def anemia


ACD (anemia chronic disease)

Aortic region – 2nd/3rd ICS right sternal border
Pulmonic – 2nd/3rd left
Tricuspic – 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th ICS left
Mitral – near apex, 5th or 6th ICS MCL

S1 – apex
S2 – base
S2 split – pulmonic
S3 – apex left lateral decub
S4 – apex left lateral

There are many variations of the examination and is basically the luck of the draw, this is what I remember being on the exam:
HIV – carnii pneumonia and medication you would give prop.
uterine sizing
MVP and A fib

know heart murmurs, several on my exam

molluscum contagiosum 

glaucoma question
know Rinne and Weber test and AC vs. BC conduction and the lateralization and conductive vs. sensorineural hearing loss
Rovsing’s sign
scarlet fever  
otitis externa  
actinic keratoses
several questions on pharyngitis
testicular torsion
how the prostate feels in BPH
Lupus- SLE  
a couple of questions on immunization 
several questions asked on diseases which labs you would order
Alzheimer’s and delirium
several thyroid questions (hyper & hypo)
couple of DM type 1 and type 2 questions
Hepatitis A question
several Hepatitis questions and gave the labs so know antigen, antibody, core to determine if they are infection, immune, etc..
infant feeding questions
peripheral artery disease
sulfonylurea – mech of action
microalbumin question
lumbar radiculopathy – know how to test
fifth disease

Study and apply critical thinking skills and I would also suggest taking one of the review classes. 

One thought on “Tips on the AANP FNP Certification Exam

  1. I take my test Feb 16, I have been studying for a while and am doing well in most areas but feel frustrated in some, such as heart issues. I am not sure how in depth I need to know things such as reading ECG, heart murmurs…. I do not want to spend too much time on one area and neglect other areas that may be more important.

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