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Active Interviewing

This is a great tool and provides strategies to change the basic dynamics of job hunting and offers a contemporary new outlook on interviewing.  Authored by Eric Kramer and written for job seekers at every professional level. The book offers strategies and tools that are easy to understand and implement.  The content within this book will help you to actively communicate your background and experience, and identify how it is relevant to the requirements posted for a particular position.  This book offers more than just focusing on typical interview suggestions, what to wear, how to give a good handshake and how to project a positive attitude, it focuses on higher-level strategies that have been proven to help with interviewing. Highly recommend to those looking for a new position or planning to look for a new position in the future.

This is a great…

This is a great book for young readers and is full of wonder. It’s set in a magical Earth in which an evil nightmare Lord Pitch, arch-nemesis of the benevolent Man in the Moon, escapes his ancient bonds and sets out to invade the dreams of all of Earth’s children. In his way stand the old wizard Ombric Shalazar, his former-bandit-turned-apprentice Nicholas St. North, their mechanical djinni and the girl Katherine. Along the way we encounter a mysterious spectral boy, moon-obsessed Himalayan lamas, domesticated bears, fighting trees and a troop of speargun-armed Yetis, all in a sort of quasi-Russian mashup of real Earth folklore and tradition.

The story is fun and whimsical, the setting is enchanting and the language is appropriate for the attended age group. Those virtues carry the story despite some features of the book that are a little odd for a middle reader. In particular, the heroes’ quest only materializes two-thirds of the way into the story, which is also when we first start seeing anything resembling a child protagonist.

My grandson is only in kindergarten and has been reading the story to me with some difficulty with some of the words, however he is enjoying the book and asks daily to read it to his younger brother, it is engaging for him so I would Highly recommend this book.