This story is a…

This story is a magical experience. It is a fantasy ride set high in the tree tops of a parallel world. This last surviving place is a mysterious world of people and creatures, who all go about their daily life secure in the knowledge and understanding of each other. Ark Malikum, the main character of the book, reminds me of Mario. He finds himself well and truly knee deep in the brown stuff, when he happens to overhear a plot to destroy the city. As a result, an action-packed adventure begins full of danger, discoveries and new found friends.  This is a powerful fantasy adventure that is continued through an eerie magical read. Ark knows too much to stay alive and someone is out to kill him and in order to survive he must stay one step ahead of the game. This way, he can save the anciet world of Ravenwood. The author has penned a magical story full of adventure and mystery. A great read.

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