Anne Rice’s Of…

Of Love and Evil (Songs of the Seraphim, Book 2)

Anne Rice’s Of Love and Evil, Songs of the Seraphim continues, the second in the new series of angels and assassins set in dark and dangerous worlds that is told in our time and in centuries past. Toby O’Dare, former government assassin , he is summoned by the angel Malchiah to fifteenth-century Rome to solve a terrible crime of poisoning and to uncover the secrets of an earthbound restless spirit. His objective is to calm this restless spirit. As the story continues Toby is soon reconnected with his own past. Toby is a post-traumatic stress disorder survivor from his childhood where his mother slaughtered his brother. Due to his past makes him perfect for his mission, a vigilante who dispenses justice; he is a time traveler, and he is set to rid the world of horror. You must read the first in the series (Angel Time, 2009). It sets the stage for this sequel.

I have always been a big fan of Anne Rice and own every book she has ever written, her Vampire Chronicles, the Witches, she is an amazing storyteller. She combines her Catholicism, her fictional takes on the Gospel, and her passion for the dark side. This is a must for all Anne Rice fans, and if you have never read Anne Rice this is a great new series to get started with.
Highly recommended.

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