Bedbugs is an u…

Bedbugs is an urban tale about a couple, Alex and Susan, who get the deal of a lifetime on the top two stories of a brownstone in a fashionable area of Brooklyn. After she awakens one morning with three small bedbug bites, Susan realizes the apartment may not be such a great deal. To make matters worse, while Susan has been bitten by a bedbug, she can’t seem to find any evidence of them in the apartment. When she continues to get bitten with no evidence of the bugs in sight, Susan begins to wonder what the source of the problem actually is. Bedbugs become an obsession for Susan as her thoughts become more unstable and delusional. Everyone tries to convince Susan that the bedbugs aren’t real and that she is just imagining them. Susan knows better; she knows these are not ordinary bedbugs and she knows what she must do to break their curse, even if it means murder. Bedbugs is a suspenseful tale. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes spine-tingling reads.

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