Trail of Blood …

Trail of Blood: A Novel of Suspense

Trail of Blood by Lisa Black, she is a great storyteller and redirects to an old case of a madman that was nicknamed the Torso Killer which terrorized Cleveland Ohio. He was never caught after comitting more than a dozen murders. Present day, Theresa MacLean is called in to an abandoned building where a decapitated body has been found in a room which has been sealed off for years. The assumption is that the body is a Torso Killer victim.

When the next body is found, determined to be recently deceased, and signs found at the scene to indicate the work of a new Torso Killer (a copycat killer?) With MacLeans examination of the ood body has opened the door to the past and the tables are turned and she shifts her focus from solving a historical crime to catching a present day killer.

As the story moves forward, MacLean feels danger growing nearer to her than she ever though, and she begins to feel his presence everywhere.

A great read that keeps the reader captivated till the very end. I highly recommend picking up a copy, you will be glad you did.

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