Eat, Prey, Love…

Eat Prey Love (Avon)

Eat, Prey, Love contains great characters. Carlos is among one of the almost extinct species (a were-panther), and has gathered orphaned were-panther children from his home in Brazil, and is taking care of the children at the Draganesti compound where he is employed as security. He longs to find a were-panther mate, as well as locate other were-panthers around the world, to help rebuild their population.  When Caitlyn, Shanna Draganesti’s sister shows up at the compound, Carlos and Caitlyn find themselves irresistibly attracted to one another. It was love at first sight, but with a sniff he discovers quickly that she is human, and is not the one for him. Caitlyn is working at the compound as a translator, and with her psychic abilities she has the amazing gift of understanding and speaking any language. She has another outstanding gift as well, all of her life animals have always been drawn to her, not only that but she can understand and communicate with them.  The are forced to work together which begins weakening Carlos and  Caitlyn is determined to get her man one way or another. Carlos is determined to resist her any way that he can and decides to head up a trip to Asia to possibly find his were-panther mate. Will he find his were-panther mate or will Caitlyn be so persistent that Carlos gives in? You must read for yourself, and trust me this is an awesome read that you will find hard to resist or put down. This is the first I have had the pleasure of reading from this author and can tell you will not be my last.

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