Palimpsest, as …


Palimpsest, as an audiobook, was a journey in itself. I was amazed at how the story follows four people who are all newcomers to Palimpsest, which include a young Japanese woman, a beekeeper, a locksmith, a bookbinder. They all have lost something in the real world and are naturally drawn to Palimpsest. As the story progresses, more and more details about their lives, and about the strange city of Palimpsest, are revealed. You will see the wonders, tragedy, joy, sorrow, sex, sacrifice, betrayal and forgiveness. The story is one of the four above mentioned characters that are bound by fate and loneliness and above all else the city of Palimpsest.
The four characters discover the gateway into parts of the city from the tattoos that they bare. Palimpsest is a sexually transmitted city. People who have been there have a small tattoo, a piece of the city’s map, these are located somewhere on their body. If you sleep with them then you will be transported there. When you wake, you are back in the real world, where you will then find a small tattoo of another part of Palimpsest on your body, not only that but your desire will be to return back to the city again and again.

I highly recommend this one, the words are beautiful and the ideas are inspirational. Some may find that this to be way out there, which it is, but is a delight to be out there.


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