Eyes Wide Open …

Eyes Wide Open: A Novel

Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross is a psychological thriller which was inspired by the death of the author’s nephew. Evan was a troubled teen who falls from a cliff at the Alantic and is deemed as an apparent suicide. Was Evan’s death a suicide, or was he pushed from the cliff? He is a troubled teen from a family that is struggling with serious problems, what I would call a seriously dysfunctional family with major issues and concerns. More problems and deaths occur and many are placed into danger, the author has an awesome writing style, leaving his readers on edge until the end.

This is a face-paced psychologicqal thriller that steadily weaves a thrilling tale and draws you in with the multiple twists and turns. There is a psychological dimension to many of the characters and adds to the complexity and believability to the story, all while adding to the tension in this thriller. The authored has penned a awesome story, making this a must read and is highly recommended.

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