In Good Times and Bad

With our economy and the hard economic times we are all facing, comes a book which discusses how to strengthen your relationship when money is tight.  The authors are M Gary Neuman and Melisa Neuman.  The book provides relationship advice for couples who are having problems with finances and facing difficult times. The book has so many areas and chapters to help couples and as most of us know if your relationships lacks clear and honest communication, then this can be a great problem within any relationship. The authors inspire your to not to try to handle problems on our own but advise us to incorporate strategies and ways that couples can decide to communicate and work on their marriage and their relationships.

I really liked the exercise on page 41 that can quickly let you and your spouse see, what money represents to you. This will help to determine if the money constraints are the issue at hand and at the core of your marital problems or if it may be something different and you are blaming the problem on money.

The Neumans’ provide several case studies of couples working through their financial and their family problems. Many people have a fear of money and have been paralyzed, allowing their relationship to deteriorate while allowing their finances to dwindle.

I really enjoyed this book, and while I would have preferred more financial topics.  I think this is a helpful book specifically for families trying to keep themselves together, while going through hard economic times. I believe the core message to be is the advice: don’t attack each other, attack the problem at hand. I enjoyed the exercises and case studies that the book presented and it definitely made for a good conversation with my husband. Now my daughter has taken over the book to work on her and her husbands money problems in hopes to save their marriage. As she pointed out a newly wed couple with a new baby on the way and a 3 year old son is very hard when both of them are only lucky enough to have part time jobs. I told them they should be thankful they have a job in this economy, there are so many now that have no jobs and are losing their homes and everything else. Hopefully by discussing this book together they will find advise on how to deal with their difficulties and keep their marriage safe.

Do you think that this economy has added more stress to your marriage?

What have you been doing to stay on track with your family and your finances?


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