The Visual Miscellaneum

The Visual Miscellaneum
A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia
by David McCandless

Are you looking for something entirely different, well here it is.  Want an unusual christmas gift that will leave everyone talking, well here it is, what is it? It is “The Visual Miscellaneum, A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia” by McCandless.

The introduction explains how the author started his journey through exploration; he explains that he was searching for some way to make all the information more understandable visually.  He accomplishes this throughout the some 255 pages.  David McCandless has developed a wealth of information which is so inspiring through colorful graphics while focusing on relationships between facts. The book takes you through a fascinating wealth of knowledge all while making learning a fun and enjoyable experience. You will enjoy flipping through each page and absorbing the trivia, and the colorful graphics will leave you in awe; you will not want to put this book down.  The author has developed a great trivia book that will draw you in and keep you there, excellent concept!

This book is amazing and very entertaining, everyone that has seen the book has been amazed and leads to some long conversations on what drove this author into developing such an exciting visual experience.  Many of the conversations have been prompted which generally leads back to how the author came up with such facts and their relationships; and how those relationships are relevant.

Here are some pages from the book:

I would like to include the following information which was sent from the Collins Design describing the book:

“Every day we are bombarded with facts and statistics that quickly become meaningless sound bites amidst the cacophony of the information age. It occurred to David McCandless, an award-winning London-based writer and graphic designer, that the best way to absorb this barrage of random information is by visually “mapping” facts in colorful and quirky ways. Statistics, comparisons, data both essential and entertaining – what better way for a new generation, weaned on the visual, to grasp the complexity of the modern world than through charts, illustrations, and diagrams that get right to the heart of the matter?”

“The result, The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia, is a volume like no other: a simultaneously lighthearted and though-provoking source book to things both serious and goofy”.

“Balancing dire facts with tongue-in-cheek humor, McCandless provides endless food for thought. If a picture is worth a thousand words, The Visual Miscellaneum is a veritable library of culture, philosophy, spirituality, ecology, society, technology, history, economics, and pop culture”.

On a final note, I would like to say that the book is hardcover, the one I received was more of an extra thick durable softcover.   I would highly recommend this to everyone, this would make a great piece to put on your living room table and stir up countless conversations with guests.

2 thoughts on “The Visual Miscellaneum

  1. From my understanding there were books that were placed on shelves that had many errors, once this was realized they made corrections and distributed correct copies. You must have received one of the first copies that had the errors, of course I only provide reviews for the copies we receive and our copy must have been one of the corrected copies. Have you tried returning the book where you purchased and getting the corrected copy of the book?

    So sorry to hear that your copy did not meet the quality, this is a very unusual book that makes for great conversation.

  2. Here’s what I thought about the book:

    Dear Mr. David McCandless,

    Love the book. I would love it even more if it were finished. Can you please explain why my fiance’ paid $25 for an unfinished book for me? The Visual Miscellaneum is all I got for Christmas, and I was pretty excited about it. My excitement faded fast when I realized I got a crummy, unfinished, over-priced book. Also, who was your editor? A third grade, mentally challenged child learning at a 1st grade level? There has got to be an error on every other page. Question, will you be writing a second edition? And will you be giving it free-of-charge to the people who bought the rough draft?

    Feels Cheated,


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