Mesmerizing Christmas Story!


A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas

By: Ralph Covert, G. Riley Mills, Wilson Swain

Category: Book , Picture storybooks

Ralph Covert and G. Reilly Mills have penned a remarkable tale of adventure, heroism and a very creative read that your child will adore.  They’ve also crafted a beautiful, mystical method to explain exactly how toys become toys before ending up in Santa’s big red bag; your child’s eyes will light up. After reading this to my grandson, he said “read it again, please”.  He had me read it to him 4 times before giving it a rest for the night, after reading; he flipped through the pages till time for bed.  A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas is an instant holiday favorite and is a classic to be cherished.

Wilson Swain’s illustrations fill each page, which will mesmerize your child and have them dreaming of A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas.  This little treasure is a must for all parents and grandparents. M

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