Blood Safari by Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer lives in Melkbosstrand on the South African West Coast with his wife and four children. He has written five novels, this being the first that I have read.  This is a fast paced thriller which is the unfolding story of South Africa in the past and present. This story tells the story of the land of Africa, the slaughtering of animals out of pure greed.  Meyer creates vivid scenes through environmental description, describing the local settings, the animals, as well as the racial interactions of South Africa’s people/population.  This is a terrific and unusual thriller and I am thankful I have discovered this author.  Happy to say I am a fan and will be buying his other 4 novels.  This is a must read, after reading Blood Safari has left me yearning for more and entertained.

One thought on “Blood Safari by Deon Meyer

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