Little Lamb Lost

Title: Little lamb Lost
Author: Margaret Fenton
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-933515-51-9
Reviewed by: Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews

Claire Conover is a social worker for the state of Alabama. Claire is devoted to helping children have better lives and assisting their parents – if deserving – to also have a better life and keep their children. Claire has a 3 year old client who is found dead in his Mothers kitchen. Micheal-dead of an overdose at 3 years old. While all the evidence points to Ashley, Michaels Mother, Claire knows in her heart that Ashley has changed and that she would never bring harm to her child. Claire becomes the detective in this story, she delves into Ashleys life, finding more than she bargained for when her life is in danger. Many turns in this story, it is very fast paced and action packed. I recommend this read to anyone. I give this book 5 huge stars.

This story line is so many times a true story and it saddens me to know that their are children in this world that suffer only because their parents are strung out on drugs, or a Mother in fear of leaving her abusive husband, or in this case a parent whose past ends costing them their childs life, their childs future, their heart.



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