A Refreshing New Look Into the Mystery Realm

The Rivers Run Dry
Author: Sibella Giorello

This is an amazing read, I wish I had read the first in the series and will be purchasing everyone in this series.  The main character Raleigh Harmon is written with a flare, you will share what the character is thinking and feeling.  The author has a way of drawing the reader in and keeping you there.  Hang on tight for a fantastic ride, a refreshing new look into the mystery realm.  Raleigh Harmon is an FBI special agent who has a hard time putting up with the bureaus politics, especially when it gets in the way of solving a case. A college student has disappeared and she was the daughter of wealthy parents who had been involved with an unsavory young man who had gambling problems.  The author lays the path of clues throughout as to the perpetrator and you will be shocked at the ending.  A mystery that is worth reading and demands to be finished once you pick it up.  Pick this one up and see what I mean you will stay up late to find out what happens so make start early.  A definite 5 stars!


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