Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn
by Stephenie Meyer
4th in the series
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The plot takes the most fascinating turns in its final installment, and it was very difficult to put it down. I am really quite shocked to read some of these negative reviews, and I think there would have been an even bigger uproar if things had ended differently.

I don’t really understand any of the negative reviews. I really loved this book, and thought it brought together the characters endings in a lovely way. The beginning scenes of the wedding and honeymoon were wonderful, and  I also hesitated at the first sign of the ‘little nudger’, I thought the storyline was handled well. It kept me very interested, even if it was a little gruesome – hey, aren’t we talking vampires here?   And the final part was great – with Bella so triumphant as a vampire, finally unburdened by her clumsiness, and we feel Edward’s love for her so much more because he loved her when she was so imperfect and so breakable. I loved it, loved the ending, think it was a great book. I even love the fairytale cottage. I also didn’t need a romance-novel love scene with specifics. This one was perfect. And Bella found that she had powers as a shield, she was able to shield her family, her friends, and the wolves.  In the very end when all was well and the ending of the book was near she also found that she could allow Edward to see how she had felt about him all along by letting her shield down and it was powerful.  This last book in the series really brought everything together into a great story.  I found throughout this series my self smiling, tearing up and pushing back the tears to complete parts, and then found myself laughing out loud.  This series is awesome and a must read for tweens and mothers alike.  ENJOY!!!!


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