The Misadventures of Oliver Booth

Title: The Misadventures of Oliver Booth”
Author: David Desmond
ISBN: 978-1-929774-56-2
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
Reviewed by: Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews
Mr Oliver booth runs an antique shop in Palm Beach. His antiques consist of “Authentic Mexican Reproductions”, you know the cheesy gilded flea market finds. Mr Booth feels he has exquisite taste in antiques and those that question his tastes are themselves somewhat beneath him. As Mr booth attempts to become a designer to the society / wealthy of Palm Beach he finds himself the “cartoon” for their local newspaper. His antics are hilarious. Mr Booth finds himself in jail in Paris, and forced to take a psychological exam before he is allowed to leave the country. It is sad and also hard to believe but people like Mr Booth actually do exist.
This book is full of laughs and is a very good read. I give this book 4 stars.



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