New Moon

New Moon
by Stephenie Meyer
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The rave continues with the second in the Twilight series.  This one is not quite as good as the first book “Twilight”, but it has its moments.  I started reading New Moon yesterday and finished 600+ pages today, this one is different.  I found myself crying and pushing back the tears for Bella Swan, her father Charlie and her best friend Jacob call her Bells.  I do not want to give too much away in this one either, but I will tell you that in “New Moon” not only are there vampires but other mythical creatures as well.  This is a very good series and to be quite honest not only for teens.  I have enjoyed these two books so much I have started on the third in the series and am sure when I have completed it I will quickly move onto the last in the series.

I have read other reviews and I totally disagree that these books are too much for the teenage girls they were intended for.  There is no sexual scenes, there is romance but in a tender and deeply fashion and what I have read does not make me think of sex only the love between two people in a very different loving manner.  If my daughter were only 15 or 16 I would be happy to allow her to read this series.  The series so far has been very very good and I have been unable to put them down once I start, the author has a flare in her writing you can feel the characters feelings, you can see the scenes she describes with vivid detail, they are truly engrossing and are in my opinion a must read.

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