by Stephanie Meyer
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Twilight is all the rave.  I have listened to multiple people at work discussing this book as they are reading it, they have chat sessions during breaks at work and everyone is so excited about this new series by Stephanie Meyer.  My daughter, Tiffany requested the 4 book series for Christmas this year, so being the mother that I am I bought the set for her, not only did I buy her a set I also bought myself the set.  WOW, I started reading Twilight last night, Christmas Eve, and I have been unable to put this book down, I find my self smiling and laughing and being so into the book that it is as if I am watching the movie, which of course I have not seen.  After reading this book I definitely have to see the movie, of course I am assuming that the movie will not be as good as the book is, as usually this is the case with all comparisons I have made in the past, I will let you know if this still stands true.

Edward Cullen is so very interesting and Bella tries so hard to resist him.  I do not want to give away too much about this book.  All I can say is YOU HAVE GOT TO PICK THIS ONE UP AND READ IT, this is not just for teen girls, mothers will love this one as well.

I now know firsthand what the rave on the new series has been about, and happily tell you what you are hearing about this series is all true and I am singing rave reviews as well.  This is a definite 5+++ stars read and is a must for all.  It is very doubtful that once you start this one that you will be able to put it down and I am confident that after reading Twilight that you will be headed to the bookstore to pick up New Moon the second in the series.  A little advice; pick up all in this series before they are completely out of stock, because I can tell you they are flying off the shelves and you do not want to miss these.

Happy Reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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