The Exchange

Title: The Exchange
Author: Inga C. Ellzey
ISBN: 978-1-60585-504-2
Publisher: First Lambie Books
Reviewed by: Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews
This book is amazing. This author has filled these pages with so many characters, and believe it or not you still get the feeling that you know each character personally and I caught myself wanting to know more and more about each one. This book is not one of those books you get lost in ,It is one of those books you want more of, one of those books you cant read fast enough. I feel I have come to know these characters and want to see a sequel to this book….soon!!   Jewell Dawson, a middle aged woman living in a remote little town in Minnesota has lots of secrets, including her identity. Jewell is a participant in The Witness Protection Program since her testimony in the famous Gambrelini mob family trial seven years ago. The Gambrelini’s have proven they will stop at nothing to protect their mob family ways,they have mamed Jewell,she carries a scar on the left side of her face and the loss of her index finger-symbolizing the “pointing” of a finger towards their evil family. Jewell has decided since she has given up her entire existance it is time she find her true self again. She decides to take a 4 week Mediteranian cruise, against her protecters better judgement and pleading for her to stay in her quant little town and remain the new “Jewell”.  Jewell quickly makes friends upon this journey and finds that all are not who they claim to be. She finds herself torn between two gorgeous men, neither of which are who they claim to be. This story line is quick and action packed, on the ship, on shore and in the lives that are forever entwined. A world famous author, a lesbian, a multimillionaire, a pilot ,a scarred but heartfelt man and an old bitter woman, all come to join forces for life-and what makes life worth living-or dying….
This book is a masterpiece. I recommend it to everyone who loves a good story. I give this book 5 stars.



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