Double Homicide

Title: Double Homicide Santa Fe & Boston
Author: Jonathon & Faye Kellerman
ISBN:  0-446-53296-7
Publisher:  Time Werner Books
Reviewed by:  Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews
Still life:   This story opens just as two detectives Steve katz and Darrell Two Moons are seated for dinner. A homicide, a very prestigous art dealer found in his studio with his head caved in. Too many people with grudges and motives to render this man dead makes this story fast paced and true “Good read”. Full of turns and excitement. This author is well versed and makes for an easy read.
In the land of Giants:   This story opens to a Mother – not unlike any other Mother – in the fact that she cleans her teenagers room after she can no longer stand the putrid smells that elude from their private compounds. But this Mother just happens to be a Homicide Detective for the Boston PD. Upon further investigation as to the smell she finds a surprise in her youngest sons backpack. The oldest of her children is aspiring to be a NBA player and is well on his way.There just happens to be a murder which her son is closely related to. This Mother is out to find the truth. This book is well written and an easy read.
This book is written by husband and wife,they write well together. I think this is very well written and easy to read.I suggest you sit down and curl up because your going to want to read this entirely in one sitting. I give this book 3 stars.



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