The White Mary

The White Mary
by Kira Salak
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The White Mary is the story about a journalist Marika Vecera who has traveled in search of war zones. Marika sets out to find war correspondent Robert Lewis after she learns that he may not have committed suicide and was spotted in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Marika begins having flashbacks of her prior work in the war zones, she also has flashbacks that include her admiring Lewis and of her relationship with Sebastian, the botanist. Her relationship with Sebastian had failed, she is not good at keeping relationships; however her work completes her and satisfies her. Marika is a journalist who immigrated to the states from Czechoslovakia, and has become very famous for visiting war zones and writing about her experiences.

There are graphic descriptions of rape, torture and murder. The story contains graphic images, and the author has incorporated interesting story line, from Marika’s admiration for Robert Lewis and writing a biography as a tribute to him.

Her journey is not just to find Robert Lewis, but is also for herself. As the story continues Marika travels with a medicine man and he is teaching her the facts of what life means. Marika has a mind of her own and is not a good student and does not listen well but in the end she learns that she needs to love herself before she can love anyone else.

Aside from the graphic descriptions of violence the author has penned a story that will keep your interest and is a definite page turner. Be advised that this may not be a story for all and to use your own discretion. 4 stars

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