Alive In Necropolis

Title: Alive In Necropolis
Author: Doug Dorst
ISBN: 978-1-59448-987-7
Publisher: Penguin Group Riverbend Books
Reviewed By: Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews

This book is a true masterpiece. Mr Dorst is an imaginative writer and very skillful at drawing you into this story. I found it to be spellbounding! Officer Mike Mercer is a rookie cop who juggles between the real world, real crimes, and those committed by ghosts, that haunt the city of Colma California. The story line is so realistic, it is almost scary. It made me wonder if perhaps he (Doug Dorst) knows something the rest of us do not! Officer Mercer saves a teenager, Jude-who is a character not unlike most teens, troubled by his peers, struggling to fit in and seeking the affection of a girl who is wild eyed and in the fast lane. I would love to see a sequel to this in which Officer Mercer continues with his career as an officer, finds his true love and frees his other lost souls (ghosts). I give this book 4 HUGE stars. I also encourage everyone to read this book, it is amazing how Mr Dorst can capture his characters and make them come alive. He is an author to be admired.


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