The HPV Controversy

Title: The HPV Controversy
Author: Shobba S. Krishnan,M.D.
ISBN: 978-0-313-35011-5
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Reviewed by: Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews
This book is packed full of information, It should be a tool for parents and for Health Classes in High School ,as to teach all teenagers the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Infections and to also encourage both parents and teenagers to be open and honest in regards to their sexual activity. This book contains so much needed information,from the cause to the treatment ,and also the vaccine itself. If I had a teenager,or a child in puberty I would definately use this book as a learning tool. As a nurse ,of course I find any writing related to Health care very beneficial, but that said, Shouldn’t all parents be informing their children not only the importance of abstinence but also some of the consequences that accompany their sexual urges.This book also delves into the Vaccine aspects–for both males and females.this book contains much needed information and also gives references and Internet Resourses.This book is easy for the layman to understand,and also contains a glossary.


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