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Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring

Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring

Written by: Ron Pridmore

Illustrated by: Michele-lee Phelan

Published by: Bridgeway Books

ISBN 13: 978-1-934454-21-3


Ages 4-8

Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring is a children’s picture book for children ages 4 to 8. A hardback book with a cover that is beautifully illustrated with a turtle and his mother on the cover.

A delightful tale involving a baby turtle who is allowed to go exploring around the water’s edge in sight of his mother. Templeton turtle finds no hospitality or friendship until he comes upon Mr. Longlegs. Templeton continues his exploring when he happens to come upon some raccoons, he meets Mrs. Racoon who suggests that Templeton return to his mother’s side as there are many dangers at the pond, Templeton agrees due to the creatures who had been so unfriendly. On his way back to find his mother a loud noise and shaking of the ground scared Templeton to seek refuge in the grass, suddenly his was swooped up and flying, when he opened his eyes he was by his mother’s side and safe. The book is engaging and a pure delight and offers a wonderful cast of characters.

The pages are filled with bold and vibrant imaginative illustrations, the art work is superb to ignite the child’s imagination. I highly recommend this children’s book, both you and your children will enjoy reading this story together time and time again all while delivering a great lesson of caring.