Thursday Next

Thursday Next

By: Jasper Fforde

ISBN-13: 978-0670038718

Publisher: Viking Adult

384 pages

Reviewed by Quality Book Reviews

Thursday Next is a hilarious, laugh out loud read. This is one in a series. This is the first that I have read and now I am hooked. I will be looking to find the others in this series. It is always great to find a great read especially intertwined with humor that leaves you wanting more.

The author writes with humor and fantastic imagination, this is a great adventure. And Thursday’s character is so well written. Thursday works undercover in the Special Operations Network, while still using the cover as a flooring installer, carpet sales person. She is still in love with her husband who is a writer, and they have three children, with the oldest being sixteen and his name is Friday. Thursday has been having some strange things happening in her life which includes a dead uncle appearing, guess he must have some unfinished business to take care of. She is also having to cope with two clones of herself who are cadets in training. (See the imaginative mind of the writer?)

This series is sure to inspire everyone to read, and will if read will draw in new readers. This series is a MUST, you will actually enjoy reading again and will anxiously be awaiting the next installment. I give this series 5 stars!!

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