Humanity’s Edge

Humanity’s Edge
by Tamara Wilhite
Reviewed by Marsha Sellers for Quality Book Reviews

Humanity’s Edge was a little weird for me, a very different type of story. My thoughts and feelings about this book.

The author Tamara Wilhite is definately able to express herself and make you look at things in her own perspective. She is well spoken and appears to truly believe what she is writing.

This book consists of several short stories, mainly portraying people’s existance on other planets or their survival dealing with the after effects of some horrible event–such as the resulting effects of human technology experimenting with eartquakes, which caused tidal waves of death all over the continent due to gas emissions, or human cloning on other planets. One of her stories – Cathedral- is about genetics and experimental drugs.

I found it very hard to concentrate while reading this book, it is “out there”. I just couldn’t stay focused at all with this one. Me, personally I would not recommend it for anyone other than someone who is really into this type of thing. This author I feel is writing for educated and scientific people, not ordinary everyday people like me.

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