Free Books for Kindle

Here is a short list of currently available books from amazon which we have downloaded for free:

1. Starfirst: First to Fight

2. The Demon Awakens

3. When Night Falls

4. Fireflies in December

5. A Kiss of Shadows

6. The Hunters

7. Bound for the Holidays

8. By Reason of Insanity

9. Unbreakable

10. Witch and Wizard (preview of the first 20 chapters)

11. On the Heels of Evil

12. Giving Chase

13. The Templar Legacy

14. The Christmas Bus

15. 72 Hours

16. The Music of Razors

17. Skeeter: A Cat Tale

18. Urge To Kill

19. The Foreign Correspondent

20. Shopping for Time

21. Meta Game

22. I Heart Bloomberg

23. Changelings

24. Perdido Street Station

25. Paradox I

26. The Keeper

27. According to Jane

28. Full Moon Rising

29. The Whiskey Rebels

30. Queen of the Orcs

31. The Sari Shop Window

32. Raising Jake

33. The Briar King

34. The Brass Bed

35. The New Oxford American Dictionary

36. President Barack Obama’s

37. Killing Joe

38. Worst Enemies/Best Friends

39. Haley’s Cabin

40. Manifold: Time

41. The Angel Experiment

42. My Soul to Lose

43. Darkfever

44. Paranoia

45. My Sisters Keeper

46. Free Weights and Measures

47. Free Acupressure Guide

48. Pacific Avenue

49. Soul Identity

50. Nurse Jackie on Showtime

51. The Hope of Glory

52. For Love of Mother Not

53. Seducing Jane Porter

54. Magic Kingdom for Sale

55. Star Wars: Lost Tribe

56. Deception

57. Dead Man’s Rain

58. Serial

59. Dracula’s Guest

60. 1901-2100 Monthly Calendar

61. The Haunted House

62. Weapons of Choice

63. Elric: The Stealer of Souls

64. The Merchant of Death

65. Kiss of Midnight

66. Kindle 2 User’s Guide

67. The Cook’s Illustrated Handbook

68. The Idiot Girl and the Flaming

69. Blood Engines

70. Persuader

71. Assassin’s Apprentice

72. His Majesty’s Dragon

73. Red Mars

74. The Babysitter’s Code

75. The Wild’s Call

76. The Keeper of Eternity

77. Still Waters

78. Baby Bonanza

79. The Bride’s Baby

80. Hide in Plain Sight

81. Irresistible Forces

82. Slow Hands

83. Speed Dating

84. Price of Passion

85. Kiss Me Deadly

86. Snowbound

87. A Very Special Delivery

88. Dancing in the Moonlight

89. Once a Cowboy

90. Stranded with a Spy

91. His Lady Mistress

92. Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch

93. Summer’s Path

94. Homspun Bride

95. Free-Range Chickens

96. Caught Stealing

97. Six Bad Things: A Novel

98. A Dangerous Man: A Novel

99. Murder List

100. Prague: A Novel

(this is only 100 of what we have downloaded, there are so many free books offered from Amazon and they constantly change the free books, check amazon often, as some of the above listed books are no longer free and must be purchased).

Free books are available on the web for the new amazon Kindle.

Here are a few sites and we will be adding others as they are discovered.

Children’s books:

Keep checking back as we will add more sites as they become available.

Enjoy your new Kindle!

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