Punishment and Sacrifice

Punishment and Sacrifice
by John Reid

Synopsis (from the publisher): The children we abuse today could become the monsters of tomorrow. This is the story of child abuse and the nightmare it can create both in the present and the future. It parallels and distorts what is madness and what is sanity until the line becomes blurred beyond recognition. Dr. Jack Barker: respected psychologist, loving father, responsible neighbor, serial killer? Under his mask of sanity he is driven to commit his monstrous acts in a game of cat and mouse and justifies it all by the wrongs that are done to him in the present and were perpetrated on him in his childhood. Mike Swanson: broken recovering alcoholic police detective who has seen too many atrocities human beings can do to each other. Will he be able to stop the monster in this case or be consumed by his own demons from his past. When these two worlds collide in a cataclysmic explosion, the battle will not only be over who will survive but how to live with the nightmarish truth that ties each together in the bondage of the past.


Punishment and Sacrifice is based upon child abuse and the effects it brings later in life.  The author has written this to show the relation of the potential long term consequences of abuse/child abuse.  This book will make you think about how you treat your children as well as think of how others treat their children.

I found this to be a page turner and could not put it down until I had finished, I just had to know how this one ended.  I have heard mixed reviews on this one, some people love it and could not put it down until completed while others hated it and found it outrageous and poorly penned.  So my advice is to read this one and make your own determination, as everyone knows what someone loves others will not like, you be the judge.


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