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James Patterson and the Women’s Murder Club

The tv series of the Women’s Murder Club is great, I would highly recommend watching this new series it is wonderful and packed with humor, drama, and loads of action. The show airs on Friday nights on abc at 900 pm eastern standard time.

A serial killer is stalking and murdering newlyweds on their honeymoon. San Francisco Homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer takes the case and along the way meets three other women—a lawyer, a reporter, and the city medical examiner. Joining forces to solve this gruesome crime, the Women’s Murder Club is born.

2nd Chance

The Women’s Murder Club is back! A brutal madman sprays bullets into a crowd of children leaving a San Francisco church. Miraculously-or was it intentionally?-only one person dies. Then an elderly black woman is hung. Police homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer senses a connection and together with medical examiner Claire, assistant D. A. Jill, and Chronicle reporter Cindy, finds a link that sends a chill through the entire nation. This killer’s motives are unspeakable.

3rd Degree

Lindsay Boxer and friends must track down a deadly terror group who begins their killing spree by blowing up an expensive townhouse—with the family still inside. In the meantime, a member of the club may be in some trouble of her own and Lindsay could be too late to save her.

4th of July

After an arrest goes awry, Lindsay finds herself facing police brutality charges. But taking time off to cool down proves harder then she thought. As she heads out of town, Lindsay finds herself in the middle of a killing spree, and must locate the killers before they find her. Back in San Francisco, the Women’s Murder Club helps to get Lindsay through the trial…but will she be found innocent?

5th Horseman

Patients at San Francisco medical Center are mysteriously dying hours before they are to be released with a clean bill of health. Lindsay and the rest of the Women’s Murder Club begin their own investigation into the hospital, but the list of suspects proves to be as long as the list of patients.

6th Target

Someone opens fire on unsuspecting pedestrians and one of the Women’s Murder Club is caught in the middle. As she struggles for her life, the others must work fast to track down the madman. In another part of the city, somebody is targeting children and their nannies. As the kidnappers await their ransom, Lindsay and company are faced with finding the mastermind before more children are harmed.

7th Heaven

Their 7th case will be 2008’s 7th Heaven.


The Detective

Meet Lindsay Boxer, a homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department. Lindsay is 5’10” tall. She was a sociology major and graduated from San Francisco State (to which she transferred from Berkeley when she found out that her mother had breast cancer). She loves beer and butterscotch praline ice cream. She has a border collie named Martha. She enjoys running, loves to read travel books and mysteries and her secret hobby is Tai Chi.

Lindsay is divorced, has a younger sister named Cat and a father named Marty, who was also a member of the SFPD. Marty left Lindsay’s mother when Lindsay was 13.

One thing that very few people know about Lindsay is that she has a tattoo of a one-inch gecko on her left buttock.

The ReporterMeet Cindy Thomas, pretty, blonde and city cool. She’s an up and coming reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. Cindy is a graduate of the University of Michigan where she was a sociology major. She loves yoga, jazz music and, like her friend Lindsay Boxer, loves to read travel books and mysteries, she’s even a member of a book club. She also has a tattoo, but unlike Lindsay, she has two small G-clefs on her shoulder.
The Medical Examiner

Meet Claire Washburn, Claire is black and heavyset; she always jokes, “I’m in shape…round’s a shape.” Claire is wise, confident, kind and the Chief Medical Examiner for San Francisco. She is married to Edmund, a kettle drum-player in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Claire and Edmund have two teenage sons. Her tattoo: an outline of a butterfly just below her waist. She also goes by the nickname “Butterfly” and has it embroidered on her lab coat at work.

The Attorney

Yuki Castellano is an ambitious, young San Francisco district attorney who is passionate, brilliant, given to speaking at 90 miles per hour, and sometimes wears a magenta red streak in her glossy, black, shoulder-length hair. Her parents met at a graduate school mixer for foreign students and married within three weeks. Her mother is Japanese and her father Italian-American. Yuki’s favorite drink, when out with the other members of the Club, is a Germain-Robin sidecar.


James Patterson, the subject of a recent Time magazine feature called, “The Man Who Can’t Miss,” is

  • The bestselling author of the past year, bar none, with more than 12 million books sold in North America alone. In total, James’s books have sold an estimated 130 million copies worldwide.
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  • A champion of reading and the founder of the $500,000 PageTurner awards that seek to spread the excitement and joy of books and reading in the United States. (Visit for more details.)
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  • The creator of the #1 new detective series of the past dozen years, featuring Alex Cross and including the Hollywood-adapted Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, starring Morgan Freeman.
  • The creator of the #1 new detective series of the past 5 years, featuring Lindsay Boxer and the other members of the Women’s Murder Club. The most recent bestseller in that series is the record-breaking The 5th Horseman.
  • The first author to have #1 new titles simultaneously on New York Times adult and children’s lists. James’s first foray into kid-accessible fiction, the critically acclaimed Maximum Ride series, debuted on the list at #1 and remained there for 12 straight weeks. The series has so far been on the New York Times bestsellers lists for more than 54 weeks, proving that kids love pageturners, too!
  • One of a handful of authors whose sales have been growing over the past two years, even as bestselling fiction sales have been sluggish.
  • The author of novels–from The Thomas Berryman Number (1976) to Honeymoon (2005)–that have won awards including the Edgar, the BCA Mystery Guild’s Thriller of the Year, and the International Thriller of the Year award.
  • One of Forbes magazine’s top 100 celebrities.
  • The creator of the books behind six movies on the Hollywood fast-track, including the young adult series Maximum Ride, an adaptation of the celebrated illustrated children’s book, santaKid, the thrillers Honeymoon and Lifeguard, the Alex Cross series, and a stunning horror novel to be published later on in ’07, You’ve Been Warned. His Women’s Murder Club series has also been green-lighted as a pilot for ABC television, and could be on the air as soon as fall, 2007.

<!– In 2005 alone James Patterson had five consecutive #1 New York Times bestselling hardcover novels – a record held by no other author. His books have earned more than 150 straight weeks on the USA Today 150 list of overall top-selling books in all categories and formats-longer than Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Danielle Steel, or John Grisham-and in 2004 and 2005 Forbes magazine ranked him on its Top 100 Celebrities lists. With a body of work grossing over 1.5 billion dollars in worldwide sales and twelve consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers, James Patterson is America’s best loved storyteller.James Patterson’s success is unique in his ability to master different genres. His Alex Cross series (eleven books, from Kiss the Girls to Mary, Mary – November ’05) is the top selling new U.S. detective series in the last 20 years with over 35 million copies sold. The next best selling detective series over the last ten years also belongs to Patterson…The Women’s Murder Club Maximum Ride (1st to Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree, 4th of July), with over 14 million copies sold.

But even beyond the two detective series, his last seventeen consecutive novels have been #1 New York Times best-sellers.

In 2004, he created his first children’s story, santaKid, which was the colorful basis of the celebrated Saks Fifth Avenue holiday window display in 2004 and, in 2005, is the theme for Australia’s famed Myer department store holiday windows. It’s being developed into a feature Hollywood movie by New Line Cinema.

Patterson also captured the minds of young and old readers alike in 2005 by delving into the world of flight and fantasy with his first-ever series for teens, Maximum Ride. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestsellers list on May 1, 2005 and remained in that spot for 12 weeks. And with his 2005 debut of Lifeguard at #1 on the New York Times list, Patterson broke another record of three hardcover novels on two New York Times bestsellers lists simultaneously – Fiction Hardcover and Children’s Chapter Books.

Hollywood began to recognize the power of James Patterson’s stories after the success of Paramount’s two Alex Cross movies (Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider) starring Morgan Freeman. At the moment, Honeymoon, Lifeguard, and Maximum Ride are also in development by Hollywood film studios.

Patterson was awarded the 2004 Readers’ Digest Readers’ Choice Award and is the recent winner of the BCA Mystery Guild’s Thriller of the Year Award (2003). He was also awarded the Edgar Award for Best First Mystery by the Mystery Writers of America, and Honeymoon was named International Thriller of the Year for 2005.

A major public advocate of literacy programs, Patterson is passionate about spreading the joy of reading. He devotes time to giving free public lectures at schools, bookstores, and for an array of organizations. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for reading and education and has personally pledged millions to the cause.

In June 2005, Patterson announced his latest charitable project, the James Patterson PageTurner Award, which are cash prizes totaling more than $100,000 awarded to individuals, schools, and other groups/organizations who are devoted to getting people excited about books and reading. More information about the Patterson PageTurner Award can be found at

James Patterson, a native of Newburgh, New York, graduated summa cum laude from Manhattan College and summa cum laude from The Graduate School at Vanderbilt University. Not surprisingly, both degrees were in English. He now resides in Palm Beach, Florida, with his wife and their young son.

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The tv series of the Women’s Murder Club is great, I would highly recommend watching this new series it is wonderful and packed with humor, drama, and loads of action. The show airs on Friday nights on abc at 900 pm eastern standard time.

5th Horseman – Discussion Guide

  1. Lyndsey has mixed feelings about her promotion within the San Francisco Police Department. Have you or anybody you’ve known ever received a promotion that made a job less enjoyable than it used to be? If so, why do you think that is?


  1. The Women’s Murder Club consists of a cop, a coroner, a reporter, and a lawyer. Which of these jobs do you think would be the hardest on a daily basis? Which of these do you think would be the most rewarding? If you aren’t one yourself already, which do you think you’d most enjoy?


  1. Lyndsey’s a working woman, but work is not everything to her. She has her boyfriend, Joe, and, of course, her dog, Sweet Martha. Of these two, who would you say is more important to Lyndsey?


  1. Hospitals play a big role in The 5th Horseman. A lot of people are afraid of hospitals, but there are, of course, good experiences there, along with the sickness, death, and tragedy that take place inside them as well. What kinds of feelings do you have when you go into a hospital?


  1. In the background of the investigation is the fate of the hospital in which the murders have taken place. To what extent do you think big institutions like hospitals ought to be held accountable for the actions of any of their hundreds of employees or visitors?


  1. There are a number of big public institutions portrayed in The 5th Horseman, including the court system, the police department, and the hospital system. Which of these do you consider to be in the best shape these days? Which, if any, do you consider seriously off track?


  1. If the Women’s Murder Club were a television show or a movie, which actresses would you like to see playing each of the four members?


  1. If the Women’s Murder Club had a charter—a guiding statement of principles—what do you think it would say? What would it stress? Loyalty? Bravery? Keeping it real?


  1. Dr. Garza is clearly a little full of himself but, then again, he is a very successful doctor who has worked very hard to get to where he is and has doubtless helped a lot of sick and injured people. Do you think doctors and others who dedicate themselves to helping save lives should be cut a little slack when it comes to their social skills?


  1. Which of the members of the Women’s Murder Club do you most identify with? If you’re in a reading group, which of your fellow members have personalities that most resemble Cindy? Claire? Yuki? Lyndsey?


  1. If you were invited to a night out with the Women’s Murder Club at Susie’s, what songs might you choose on the jukebox, assuming the jukebox had any song you wanted?





Either with a reading group or on your own, please feel to share answers with the author at