The Dead Whisperer On

The Dead Whisperer On
by TL Hines

Back in October we had an incomplete review due to the pages of the ARC that was sent to us being repetitive, we have since received a corrected copy and below is the review of one of our reviewers.  Thank you for your patience.

“The Dead Whisper On” will appeal to anyone who likes a good mystery with fast-paced action.  The author uses this story to instill in the reader that one person’s actions, whether intentional or unintentional, can greatly impact future events.  Hines effectively utilizes the well-known symbols of shadows and light to represent the battle between the forces of evil and good.

The main message in this book is to never give up hope no matter how dark things may become.  Trusting in oneself and learning to trust in others can lead to a wonderful outcome.  Letting go of things that have hurt us in the past and making peace with those who have wronged us is the only way to attain and happy and healthy lifestyle.

“The Dead Whisperer On” is another page turner which will keep you up through to the end all while delivering a great message.


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