The Mystery of the Crying Ghost

The Mystery of the Crying Ghost
by Rita Hsu Syers

“The Mystery of the Crying Ghost” is a book about Chloe Wendleton, a young girl who is having difficulty adjusting to a different school. Above trying to adjust to a new school she tells her family that she hears a child crying and her family tells her that she is just hearing things. So is this child crying her imagination or something more? Both her pets Iris and Killian seem to hear the same crying. Chloe accompanies her grandfather into the attic and discovers an old newspaper which reveals that both the Van Hise children, Sarah Jane and Thomas had disappeared from the house without a trace. Chloe talks with her friends Will and Maya at school and learns from Will that he had heard that the house is haunted. Will Chloe, Will and Maya be able to solve the mystery? I can tell you that Chloe’s pets help to solve the mystery.

“The Mystery of the Crying Ghost” is a book for children ages 8 to 12 and will capture their attention and their imaginations. This is a enchanting, delightful, and stimulating read for young readers and allows them to use their imaginations. Once your child has started they will not be able to put this one down. This is Rita Syers’s debut and is an excellent creation and there will be a high demand for more.


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